Photographs by Anders Gade



Copenhagen University

Department of Psychology

January 31, 2005


Hana Malá


Organizer of the symposium

(staff presentations of research)











Jan Nielsen
"The experimental space of the therapist..."
Helmer Bøving Larsen
"Childhood sexual abuse..."


Lisbeth H

"External memory"





Anne Katrine Bro Larsen


Christian Gaden

                                            Kirstine Lindgaard

Morten Nissen

"Changing cultural forms..."

on cannabis addiction







Jesper Mogensen
on mechanisms of posttraumatic functional recovery

Ingrid Leth
"Children under five in institutions....."


Stig Poulsen

"Bulimia: Attachment and psychotherapy"



Søren Kyllingsbæk

"Centre for Visual Cognition ...."









Søren's presentation was well received ...

Hana Malá on brain injury recovery

Randi Starrfelt, Thomas Alrik Sørensen, Solveig Thorbjarnardottir and Kristoffer Petterson

Freja Sørensen, Christian Holberg Jensen og Peter Jes Køhler, ....




Afternoon session

Marianne Hedegaard on graffiti painters

Anders Gade  
Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) & Alzheimer's disease (link to ppt file)



Erik Schultz

on ape and man



Birgit Bork Mathiesen

"Executive dysfunctions and poor autobiographical memory in borderline patients"







Michael  Schönberger

"Research projects at the Centre for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury"







Benny has a question .....




Torsten Ingemann Nielsen








"Form constancy and form illusions in architectural 3D-models"